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Benford, Gregory. Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn. Brin, David. Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Barlowe, Wayne. Bennett, Jenn. Bok, Hannes. Bristow, Su. Burtenshaw, Jenna.

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Barnes, Jennifer Lynn. Bennett, Robert Jackson. Bolander, Brooke. Britain, Kristen. Burton, Jessie. Barnes, Jonathan. Bennis, Robyn. Bolender, Mirah. Broaddus, Maurice. Bush, Anne Kelleher. Barnett, Barbara. Benson, Amber. Bond, Gwenda. Broadway, Alice. Butcher, Jim.

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Barnett, David. Benson, E.

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Bonesteel, Elizabeth. Brock, Betty. Butler, Dave D. Barrie, J. Bentley, Howie K.

Boone, Ezekiel. Brockmeier, Kevin. Butler, Octavia. Barringer, Leslie. Berg, Carol. Booraem, Ellen. Brockway, Robert. Byatt, A. Barron, Laird. Berkeley, Jon. Booth, Martin. Brodsky, Jordanna Max. Byers, Richard Lee. Barron, T. Bernobich, Beth. Boothby, Guy. Brody, Jessica.

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Cabell, James Branch. Chester, Deborah. Coe, David B. Corlett, William. Cabot, Meg.

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Carter, Angela. Chiaki, Kawamata. Cogman, Genevieve. Cormick, Craig. Caine, Rachel. Carter, Lin. Chiang, Ted.

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Cole, Adrian. Cornell, Paul.

Callihan, Kristen. Caruso, Melissa. Cole, Allan. Cornish, D. Calvino, Italo. Carwyn, Giles. Chokshi, Roshani. Cole, Myke. Cornwall, Emma.