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Cosmic explosions were first noted nearly two thousand years ago.

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However, secure recognition and study began only a hundred years ago. What was once termed as Stella Nova new stars are now divided into two major families, novae and supernovae with real distinct classes in each.

The Restless Universe

Equally the variable stars have a rich phenomenology. Together, supernovae and variable stars have contributed richly to key problems in modern astrophysics: distances to galaxies, cosmography and build-up of elements in the Universe. The Palomar Transient Factory PTF , an innovative 2-telescope system, was designed to explicitly to chart the transient sky with a particular focus on events which lie in the nova-supernova gap. It is as though he continues to repeat the same game, verifying the precision of his combined calculations, as he did with T1 and T2 , two distinct works, each composed of 15 elements.

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  • They are put on a wall like shelves where the differences are determined by the minimum variation of certain measures and by the degree of inclination from the wall. Errors and surprises are part of the game: of the work he often cites, Merzbau by Kurt Schwitters, in an interview with Marcello Smarrelli, for the Furla Award where he says to consider not only the ten years of work needed to construct it as an integral part of the piece, but also the bomb that destroyed it in a split second.

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    He left the championship feeling a lack of competition, and he went mad due to a mental stasis, or perhaps due to unexpressed possibilities that accumulated to infinity. They seem like archive numberings and maybe in truth they are, and yet they follow an order that is only inside his head.

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    And for everyone else, the order is a wonder. The interpretation stays opened, only as open as the approach to his work.

    David Medalla used fluid organic materials, unstable like water, mud, rice, dust, carbon, coffee, soap, oil, vapor, and smoke. It recalls the recent Bubble Machines by Medalla, big and small containers with a central hole ejecting hypnotic foam modeled by the air currents, gravity and pressure.

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    Then, this machine, Ricostruzione approssimativa di un esperimento di elettrostatica a floating triangle in aluminium, wood, connected to copper cables, makes one think of the levitating experiments of Takis which in , metallic elements magically suspended in mid air, creating his Telemagnetic sculpture.

    It was a powerful and excessive attempt to shake off immobility, weight, and static points of view. The O-s are the discs that remain suspended in the air, and they are the routes of air balloon, and also the grains of sand. And then, I find its sound aspect very interesting.

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    They are statistic systems studied mostly in the field of nanotechnology. In the air there is a constant presence of sand, invisible and imperceptible. He even compacted two halves of a bicycle into two hexagonal tubes in fir wood, as if they were secret propulsions.

    The same accumulation of muscular energy, a potential that radiates from the series New Title UO4, UO5, UO6 , where he suspended at more than three meters off the ground, the most immediate vehicles of Jonathan Viner gallerist , Chris Dercon critic , Jean-Olivier Wahler curator : their shoes.