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Clever approach by MacFarlane who describes photographs, posters and other images, and their background, relating to a multinational scientific expedition to Enceladus, what is found there, and the challenges faced…. A team in an undersea scientific station on a distant planet are studying an aquatic species find things suddenly get very very difficult.

A strange story, something that could have been scribbled down after a nightmare by an appartchik. In the closing paragraphs one of the protagonists takes a piss, as Watson takes the piss throughout. Here Roberts puts a very ill-matched couple a couple of miles away from anyone in the Antartic, on a research station, and lets their close confinement spark off the story. Blimey, this anthology appears to be doing something with the space-time continuum as I seem to have been reading this forever!

Inventive story from Rosenbaum, through the eyes of youngsters where birth order is more important than usual, as siblings clones? Another look back at The Cold War, with a young girl left abandoned at a soviet railway station suggesting links back to the 60s, well before her birth, when the Cuban Missile Crisis ending with a nuclear strike nearby, but with that station left untouched.

The anthology finishes with a look back at, a reliving, of deaths in a child labour factory on the subcontinent, as those who died, and will continue to die, furnish those that live on, digitally,….

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Some good stories, but nothing really cojonal grabbing. Name required. Email will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Rachel Swirsky. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 04, Althea Ann rated it liked it.

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Somtow's Chronicles of the High Inquest. I almost felt that this could be an incident happening on the outskirts of that empire. Here, two planets in the same system are at war. It's a secret war, because if higher authorities hear of their little spat, both planets will lose what independence they have. People die while both sides try to maintain their terrible secrets. This short piece has a remarkable amount of interesting elements in it, which all work together: A complex and believable political situation, a fresh and original depiction of future technology, a rich and lushly glittering depiction of a world and culture that feels fully developed.

And that's just the background: the main focus is on the emotionally and ethically complex interaction between two women, Etiesse and Pahayal - which bring the grand schemes of worlds quickly down to the personal level. Masterfully crafted and aesthetically lovely. She just doesn't understand why the colonists insist on slaughtering the native aliens, who, after all, aren't interfering with the colonists' activities at all.

She's in for a rude awakening, and perhaps a glimpse into the ugliness that lies within. And there are interesting ideas and issues here: it's about the conflict between habitat protection and local cultures, and the ethics of contacting isolated tribes.

However, the piece comes off as overly didactic - more of an essay letting us know what Ken Liu thinks than an story that the reader can connect with. Czerneda In a future where bio-modifications have run rampant, an investigator looks into the death of a high-profile socialite. Everyone knows she was killed by a bio-mod - but was it an unfortunate medical accident, or part of a plot connected with her work as a food taster?

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Classic mystery genre meets sci-fi elements. In a quarantined isolation room, they're directed to give themselves injections of a test substance. Things don't go well, in this horror story that depends on a deep distrust of the pharmaceutical industry. What are they, and why is this happening? Don't expect to find out.

With mind ships. According to the introduction, this is set in an established universe, so perhaps if I had a bit more background I wouldn't have felt that a lot of elements were introduced overly quickly. The flow of the story didn't really grab me. Rather than a story, this is a series of descriptions of 'posters' and 'popular images,' presumably from an archive, which gradually reveal information to the reader about this expedition to Saturn's moon. Powell Sci-fi with a bit of a paranormal-investigation feel to it. A woman's in an Amsterdam bar, expecting to meet a man. It's not for a date Lack of communication and a universal desire for freedom culminated in violence and tragedy.

Now - perhaps the desire for revenge might also be a universal trait. This story felt like hyperbolic WWII propaganda or something. Not saying that any political system should be exempt from criticism, but this was just I also felt like it made fun of the ignorant, rather than striving to understand differing perspectives. I found both of the geeky dudes annoying. A petty incident where one guy hides the contents of a letter from home from the other, escalates. And maybe there're aliens. Too much suburban angst and enuui.

However, I found the ending to be overly mystical and inconclusive.

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This might work really well if expanded to a novel. MacLeod and Martin Sketchley A woman seeks out an elderly man who was once a friend of her mother's and, we suspect, may be her father. He's reluctant to talk to her about his past as an RAF pilot, but she's persistent, and old memories and old tragedies are dredged up Very well-written.

Really nicely done: compelling characters, incisive psychology, and lovely use of ambiguity. One of these people is obsessed with reliving the experiences of the young women who perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

Solaris Rising 3

While I didn't love all of these stories, there were a few excellent ones here. I'd still highly recommend the collection as a whole, as the authors selected here are nearly all major names in the genre today; it gives a good overview of the diversity of work coming out of the field. As always, my opinion is my own. View 1 comment.

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Jan 05, Simon rated it it was ok Shelves: sf , short-stories. Sometimes, with these theme-less anthologies, they can feel a little direction-less. There were of course a few great stories in here. Tony Ballantine's "Double Blind" was a great story that I would have liked to see fleshed out and extended into a much larger story. Adam Roberts's "Thing and Sick" was really well done in presenting a mind bending, paradigm shifting approach to the theme of alien contact.

And I liked the way the collection was wrapped up with Rachel Swirsky's "Endless". But there Sometimes, with these theme-less anthologies, they can feel a little direction-less.

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But there were way too many duds or just so-so stories that it dragged the reading experience down. There were a couple of stories that I couldn't even finish.

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For me, the weakest in the series so far. Jun 27, Daniel rated it really liked it. As I look back over the notes I had written and the skeleton of this review in correspondence with a colleague I realize just how much I want to go back and read this un-themed collection again. And my favorite stories in here were also quite a surprise to me.

Solaris Rising 3: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction

This ended up being my favorite story in the collection. Sriduangkaew handles the themes of dominance and submission, vulnerability and safety, trust and betrayal, creation and destruction with masterly control in scant pages. Liu is one of my favorite authors and I would still call this story really good. But what I like about Liu is sort of what I like about a good film director like Kubrick or Hitchcock.