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What Is Sentence Negation?

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Grammar for English Language Teachers. Item Added: Sentential Negation in French. For more recent versions of generative syntax, see Chomsky b and Radford For introductions in French, see Pollock a and Tellier In so doing, I reconsider a number of the core issues that have been discussed in the literature: What items are truly negative in Modern French?

1 The problem

Is Modern French a negative concord language? What is the status of ne and pas? What structural positions are they associated with? How is ne licensed?

Why is ne excluded from nonsentential negation contexts? What is the theoretical significance of the controversial pour ne pas que construction? How are pseudopartitives licensed?

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Why does the distribution of rien typically follow that of tout rather than personne? Why can jamais readily follow a lexical infinitive while pas cannot?

Why can items such as jamais and rien co-occur with each other without leading to logical double negation but not, generally, with pas? And why does the variety of French spoken in Quebec differ from Standard French in this respect? These and other questions are addressed in this book. In some cases, I come to the same conclusions as other researchers; in a number of cases, however, my conclusions differ. The work of these linguists will be referred to as the discussion progresses. The fundamental assumption underlying the book is that clausal polarity is feature based.

French Lesson 46 - NEGATIVE SENTENCES in French Ne Pas Ne plus - Phrases négatives LA NÉGATION

Consequently, most of my concern about sentential negation in Modern French revolves around how this feature specification is achieved.