Manual Power and the Writing

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Writing with Power

I do not know myself fully until I have a pen in my hand. When I write, I become real. Writing allows you to bring the mysterious essence of your being I experience it. And most of my clients and the writers I know do too. It happens right after you write, particularly something that is real, holds the truth, and actually feels good You use words as a pathway to reach what lives beyond language.

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Facebook Twitter RSS. Yes, I want to Write Now! Transformation is the key word here, because words have the ability to change our way of thinking and empower us. This is exactly what Helen Keller found when she discovered the power of words, before which she was feral. I literally thought with my body. Without a single exception, my memories of that time are tactual… I know I was impelled like an animal to seek food and warmth… There is not one spark of emotion and rational thought in these distinct yet corporal memories. I was like an unconscious clod of earth. Then, suddenly, I knew not how or where or when, my brain felt the impact of another mind, and I awoke to language, to the knowledge of love, to the usual concepts of nature, of good and evil!

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I was actually lifted from nothingness to human life. Writing, or more accurately expressive writing, has been used as a form of therapy for decades. It uses the written word to process and refine various emotions.

The Radical Power of Writing in the First-Person Plural

This can manifest itself in a few different forms. Writing to me has been the simplest tool to remove confusions, spending sometime everyday writing down my thoughts, expressing myself and articulating was like seeing your own reflection in pages. This one simple thing changed my life. Writing clarifies your thinking, allows you to articulate and explain yourself to others, and allows us to work together to build things we could not alone.

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In recent years, I have been advocating to anyone I come across, that they should write. Not only should they write, they should publish their writing online for the purpose of sharing it openly with as many people as possible. First and foremost, the most important audience you should consider is yourself. It does not matter if nobody reads your writing. The point of writing is self-expression — gathering an audience should be secondary. You cannot connect to other people without connecting first to yourself.

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Many people are hesitant to write because the moment they start putting pen to paper or sitting front of a keyboard in this digital age , they get brain freeze. They are so worried about the grammar and selecting the right word, that they forget that they need to focus on the message — not the packaging!

The Writing Process Improves How You Think

Go ahead and publish — and the more write, the better your writing will become! It is a common fallacy that we have to wait for inspiration before we start writing:. That is still missing the point, writing should not be an act of inspiration, but again, an act of self-expression.

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Wanting to write when you are inspired is almost equivalent to stating that you will only speak when you are inspired. I think most of us have trouble prioritizing time.

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Often we do not understand that in life we need to be able to carefully weigh tradeoffs. If writing enables us to be more conscious, thoughtful and creative, why are we not deliberately making time to write? Why is it not a priority? Making time to write is making time to connect with yourself. With the exception of meditation, try thinking of a better way to connect to yourself. Writing in itself is a form of meditation.