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He conjures up the emotional arc of a female life—from childhood loneliness through intense love to midlife derailment—in just undersized pages. Most unexpected of all, he deepens a tale of grief with a caustic comic tone. Resin: Rolling! We are pleased to share that filming has kicked off on Funen! Photo: Marie Pasenau.

No-One Thinks Of Greenland

New Gulliksen! Rights sold pre-pub to Denmark and Sweden. Most recently, in The New Yorker: "In this philosophical domestic drama, a narrator named Jon attempts to recount the dissolution of his marriage from the imagined perspective of his eventual ex-wife, Timmy… the novel is painfully persuasive in its view of relationships—how arbitrarily we slip into and out of them, and how we rely on love, or the illusion of it, to existential boredom and despair.

DR's Novel of ! Shark Drunk is sold to 26 countries so far. Follow the link to read the rest of The New Yorker's review. Though different, the novels share a darkness in their respective family dramas, each in their own way dealing with isolation, desire, despair and shame.


Photo: Isak Hoffmeyer. Nielsen directing. Photo: Steen Evald. Excellent reviews are still coming in: Hardanger folkeblad writes, "Eikemo has written herself into the top tier of Norwegian contemporary writers" and Dagavisen calls it "a particularly good novel about choices, what determines them, and the price of closing. UK reviews are in! Published by Pushkin Press in the UK.

HOPE is a well-rounded piece of fiction that, with its harmonious and accomplished composition, satisfies most of the demands of an entertaining novel An epic and stylistic reading experience. A cracking good page-turner with linguistic force and energy… Eikemo is a contemporary storyteller of rank. This tragedy is his greatest secret, but not his only secret. Nordic Nonfiction Three major Scandinavian newspapers are working together to highlight the best of Nordic non-fiction published in Denmark, Norway and Sweden since The overall winner will be announced on 1st June.

Congratulations, Ane! With its blend of magical realism and historical fact, the novel follows a young Jewish business man, an Armenian antique dealer and a Caribbean slave descendant in their travels throughout European history from the congress of Vienna in to the great wars of the 20th century. The Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards exist to celebrate this most exciting of genres and seek to celebrate the best travel writing, and writers, in the world.

Congratulations to Morten and his translator Tiina Nunnally! The characters are brought to the small screen by, i. The winner of the prize will be determined by a poll of readers by the end of February. The literary award for crime fiction is annually selected by The Danish Crime Academy and its winner is put forth as the Danish candidate for the Glass Key Award, the prestigious literary award given annually to a Scandinavian crime novel author.

The winners are picked by the staff of the country's bookstores.

Kerri A. The winner will be announced in June One award is given for fiction or poetry and the other is given to an academic publication or a work of non-fiction. Five books are nominated in each category.

  1. H1N1 Survival Guide?
  2. Autonomy;
  3. Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir.
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The winner within each category will be announced in January Incredibly exciting and reminds the reader how rare it is these days that thrillers, even renowned thrillers, are really thrilling. Congratulations to you both! First review in! The characters are well-constructed; a compelling portrait of complex characters, who win the hearts of all who encounter them. Fatland has amongst other accolades won Wesselprisen and the Norwegian Prize for Nonfiction Finally, St.

A tale of sorrow and longing, mass migration and political struggle. And about war, compassion and love that never ceases to be. He was born in Germany in and experienced the war from beginning to end. Kirsten Hammann is one of them. A self-portrait in the form of a diary with reflections on the role of an author, who does not like to explain her work. The selected titles will be displayed at the Bologna book fair The award is one of the few democratically chosen tokens of distinction whereby the best book of the year is selected by the Norwegian book bloggers.

This is the second sale of the highly praised handbook which was voted Best Management Book of Japanese rights were recently sold to Forest Publishing Co. Babel Halfdan Pisket featured in the latest showing of Babel 27th August , the prestigious Swedish television programme on domestic and international literature broadcast on Svt1, in connection with the Swedish publication of the Dane-trilogy. The trilogy is published by Kartago in Sweden; additional foreign sales include the following territories: Mexico, France and the Netherlands.

Copenhagen Sex Disease Well-written, thought-provoking, essential and entertaining social satire with a sci-fi twist. Like Skram, she seeks to understand, not judge — for those who truly understand, cannot judge. Eikemo writes with great empathy and humility. Photo: Nordisk Film. One reads it with a mixture of enjoyment and sadness. Fabulous review "Magnificently written, masterly composed and eminently entertaining". It was published to great reviews on 28th July. Czech rights sold to Dubrovsky. Film rights have been sold to SAM Productions. Danish rights were previously sold to Gyldendal.

Catalan rights have been sold to Angle Editorial and Japanese rights to Kagaku Dojin Publishing Company bringing the total number of territories sold to Norwegian rights have been sold to Cappelen Damm while Wydawnictwo Literackie have just secured the Polish rights. A timely, but surreal exploration of nationalism, the environment, and displacement. The total number of territories sold is now at In addition, Russian rights have been sold to Paulsen, German rights to btb, Italian rights to Iperborea. The latter has also been sold to Suhrkamp Verlag and is scheduled for original publication in Norway October New sales Spanish rights sold to Alfaguara bringing the total number of territories sold to But they can also give comfort: even the least lovable person is loved by someone.

It is for eccentrics and misfits. Each race creates one winner and hundreds of losers […] Cycling is an unhappy unrequited love, race after race, season after season. It is a club for hopeless romantics. More mistakes! An entertaining and intelligent novel about mistakes. How we make them, avoid them, forget them and are sometimes haunted by them throughout our lives. Kirsten Hammann celebrates her 25th anniversary as an author this year. This brings the total number of territories sold to The award was created to further the presence of women cartoonists in Scandinavian newspapers and magazines.

Wild witch is published in 14 territories. Arc and Spark First time author Lise Bock has been greeted by rave reviews for her work of non-fiction, The Arc and the Spark, about the pioneers of wireless communication.

The Young Queer Writer Who Became Greenland’s Unlikely Literary Star

About the understanding of electromagnetism and electricity and the invention and use of radiotechnology from to And touches all marriages. The programme has been established in collaboration with Talent Norge and the Norwegian Publishers Association. Simen Ekern is an outstanding nonfiction writer and journalist who has written about the rise of the Front National in France, and its influence beyond the borders of France.

DR, producer of 'The Killing', 'Borgen' and other international successes, has been Emmy-nominated 22 times with four wins. DR received 'The International Emmy Directorate Award' for its outstanding contribution to international television in Granhus focusses on the intense and unpredictable nature of Lofoten in Norway by creating a backdrop for ice cold and powerful plots, that continuously take both the reader and the police by surprise.

What is the Tough ARCTIC CIRCLE TRAIL in Greenland Like?

We follow young Kenneth and his personal struggles, on to his studies in creative writing in New York City 20 years later. Other sales include Norway, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more. By signing up, I confirm that I'm over View all newsletter. Books Categories. Children's Children's 0 - 18 months 18 months - 3 years 3 - 5 years 5 - 7 years 7 - 9 years 9 - 12 years View all children's.

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