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The result was a single-engine fighter of superb maneuverability, and one that also was an excellent gun platform. There are those who say that the plane exceeded the sound barrier prior to October 14, , the day on which Chuck Yeager did so in the Bell XS There is no data to confirm this, but the fact is that the Sabre could go supersonic in a dive.

During these early years of the Cold War , the leaders of the United States Air Force had to plan on what the Soviet Union could do, not necessarily what it thought it would do. And the Soviet Union could have launched a one-way atomic bomber mission against the United States.

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The designation P, for pursuit, changed to F, for fighter, in The appearance of Soviet MiGs in Korea changed this decision, and soon the beautiful little Sabres were flying the length of the Korean peninsula to challenge the enemy in "MiG-Alley. This special demonstration comes to us from our friends at Planes of Fame.

Aircraft Description

The first production aircraft flew exactly one year later. It was in the frozen skies of Korea that the MiG proved one of the most formidable fighters of its generation. The 4th F. This lopsided total is usually attributed to the superior training given to USAF pilots.

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The West got its first close-up look at a Mig in September when a North Korean pilot defected. Mig 15s served with virtually every air force in the communist bloc, including those of Soviet client states in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Thousands more were built in China. The chief designer was Edgar Schmued, who had also designed the P Mustang. Following the end of World War 2, German advances in swept-wing research led to the Sabre receiving a degree swept wing.

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  4. Several versions were built, with the ultimate day fighter version being the FF, of which 2, were built. The FD was the most-produced version; this model had a large radome in the nose, and a larger fuselage to accommodate an afterburning engine. In truth, the FD shared only about 25 percent commonality with other F variants.

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    The Sabre was the primary U. Variants of the F were also built under license in Canada and Australia.

    Come out and see for yourself how the mighty F Sabre was able to defeat the MiG in this tribute to the beginning of jet aircraft supremacy.