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In the wild, they live in groups, often with complex communication and familial social structures, which can be difficult to reproduce in captivity.

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Furthermore, primates are not just capable of developing relationships; social interaction is important for their psychological well-being. So important, in fact, that some primates will choose companionship over food.

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Naturally occurring cone disorder in nonhuman primates

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Institutional Subscription. The more common agents include bacteria Shigella, Salmonella, Campylobacter , protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Amoeba, Balantidia , and helminth parasites Strongyloides.

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There have been no reports of human illness, but there are research workers who developed antibodies to SIV after handling laboratory specimens. Marburg and Ebola Filoviruses Humans have developed illness from Marburg infection when exposed to tissues from African Green monkeys. The Ebola viruses from the Sudan and Zaire have not been isolated from monkeys. A different Ebola virus was discovered in in West Africa chimpanzees when a researcher became infected.


The Ebola virus that caused an outbreak in a Reston, Virginia monkey quarantine facility, did not cause illness in any humans, but four animal handlers developed antibodies to the virus. These incidents remind us of the potential for as yet undiscovered human pathogens to be introduced by wild caught monkeys.

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Other Nonhuman primates are more likely to contract hepatitis A, measles, or poliomyelitis from humans or as part of a laboratory experiment than to transmit these diseases to humans. However, once infected with these diseases, primates pose a risk to the humans with which they are in contact. Check restaurant inspections?

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