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During high school, he studied at the prestigious National Academy of Design, where he drew nude figures.

But despite his remarkable talent, he had promised his mother he would go to medical school and, in , he enrolled at New York University Medical College. In , Netter saw his last patient.

Francine Mary Netter to discuss 'Medicine's Michelangelo'

In , the Ciba Company asked him to prepare an illustrated flyer for its version of digitalis, a heart drug. A remarkably long marriage was born.

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The over 4, illustrations made by Netter during his career also depicted patients drawn from models suffering from conditions like bronchial asthma, angina and major depression. One picture showed a patient with end-stage liver disease on water restriction desperately drinking from a toilet.

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When Netter required surgery for an aortic aneurysm near the end of his life, he used the occasion to make diagrams of the operation he needed. Ciba distributed his illustrations far and wide to medical students and physicians—usually for free—as a marketing tool. But what do we know of the man whose gift it was to distill the most complex anatomic structures into vividly comprehensible illustrations?

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  • Netter, MD is a touching tribute from a daughter to her father as well as a striking account of the life of the premier medical illustrator of our time. Struggling to create a practice in the era of the Great Depression, Netter initially viewed selling medical art to pharmaceutical companies as a necessary diversion from treating patients.

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    On the heels of that accomplishment, he entered into an exclusive contract with the pharmaceutical company, Ciba later Ciba-Geigy , to illustrate a series of educational materials called Clinical Symposia. So popular were these pieces that his contract was renewed over the next 40 years until these works became his magnum opus.

    Medicine's Michelangelo : The Life and Art of Frank H. Netter, MD (2013, Hardcover)

    The illustrations that he produced for the Clinical Symposia would later be compiled into the Atlas of Human Anatomy, first published in when Netter himself was 83 years of age. Everett Koop, and Albert Sabin, among many others.

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    His unique educational ability — the exclusion of unimportant details to highlight the important ones — was lauded as one of his greatest skills.