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Five basic courses are required:.

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In addition to the above, the minor requires three courses from the following, two of which must be in different departments:. Other upper-division courses appropriate to the program major may be substituted with consent of MCS program director. Undergraduate majors in the constituent programs may not count courses in their own departments. For students majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science only.

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Students obtain employment in a relevant industrial or research activity to enhance their professional experience. Students may enroll in Summer Quarters only and for a total of three times. Stanford , California Bulletin ExploreDegrees Search bulletin Search. How to Declare To declare the major, a student should first meet with an MCS peer adviser to create a proposed study plan and then with the MCS student services officer to discuss the major. Practical Training.

Nonacademic Regulations Toggle Nonacademic Regulations. School of Engineering Toggle School of Engineering. School of Medicine Toggle School of Medicine. Other Offices Toggle Other Offices. On This Page. Print Options.

Send Page to Printer. Download PDF of this page. Single-variable calculus or AP credit.

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Students may choose one of the following sequences:. Modern Mathematics: Continuous Methods a proof-oriented sequence. Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods a proof-oriented sequence. WIM courses offered by other majors may be used in cases of specific concentrations e. Advisor approval required. For Computer Science CS , electives can include courses not taken as units under the CS list above and the following:.

Electives that are not offered this year, but may be offered in subsequent years, are eligible for credit toward the major. With the advisor's approval, courses other than those listed or offered by the sponsoring departments may be used to fulfill part of the elective requirement. Courses must provide skills relevant to the MCS degree and do not overlap courses in the student's program. Allowable Elective Course Substitutions:.

What questions do they raise in you mind? Where do these questions lead you? Take them to a level that feels comfortable for you. Finally, once you have done the problems, study the solutions. These will give you additional insights into the problems and the underlying mathematics and science. Big and small numbers in biology This problem will refine your skills at estimation and approximation. There are several parts for you to come back to. Using the haemocytometer This interactive page will give you practice in the sort of proportional reasoning calculation routinely used in laboratories.

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Assess your skills of estimation and understanding of measurement. This is a good overall workout in the basic equations of science. Graphic biology This problem will hone your skills with the interpretation and use of graphs whilst drawing on all of your knowledge of biology. Natural shapes Here you can think about the shapes occurring in nature. This is the sort of problem which you can take to any level and will get you thinking about the geometrical properties of the world around you. Chi-squared faker Gets you thinking about statistical tests and how and why they might, or might not, be as straightforward as they may seem.

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Is your DNA unique? You will need to be clear with your probability and combinatorics as you work through this fascinating problem. Blood buffers This problem gives practice in the advanced used of logarithms and gives insights into titration curves.


Drug stabiliser This problem will give you a problem-solving workout and reinforce your understanding of decay processes. You are also advised to read our interactive article which takes you through a fascinating area of biology: genetics. You will need a pencil and paper to hand as calculations are required throughout.