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It is one of the few every day views modern popular literature has of a poor immigrant woman's views of industrialization. My favorite part is when she finally goes to Manhattan and you realize that the characters have mentioned Manhattan almost daily none of them has ever been across the river to the center of power that dictates the conditions of their lives. In , St. Louis native Shange invented a new medium, the chloreopoem, to describe her play about six different women trying to find their way in a world that does not see them as human.

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One of them is a young St. Louis girl who wins a children's reading contest at the library only to be stripped of her title when one of the books she read was an adult book about Touissant L'Overture.

Miraculous constructions: Todd Fredson on Ivorian oral traditions

So she decides to go to Haiti to find him. An epic, sprawling fragmented masterpiece about an eccentric group of characters drawn to the US-Mexico border.

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With the backdrop of the mysterious real life deaths of hundreds of women, the author who desired to kill magical realism brings us a decidedly unromantic, unexotic Latin America and thank God! Close your eyes, pick anything written by Wendell Berry, and you're good to go. The man is an authentic genius, completely original and independent in his thought, and the owner of one of the most profound minds in this country's history.

Read him: your mind and spirit will be richer for it.

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  • Treasure trove? A cliched phrase, sure, but that's precisely what this book is. My favorite piece here, "The God of the Gaps," is by a writer I wasn't familiar with previously: the profound and learned David Berlinski. Meet another great American: Ms.

    Temple Grandin. This woman is a hero of mine, and Animals Make Us Human is her latest book just out in paperback. This vividly illustrated collection of the 7 issue DC Comic series centers around the death of the Elongated Man's wife and the ways in which members of the Justice League of America and their families are threatened because they are superheroes. I still don't understand why comic book characters don't have e-mail or any 21st century technology because they don't need it? The illustrations are for the most part well thought out, especially one frame where Batman mimics King Lear's famous pose.

    Aside from the fun of fantasy worlds, Identity Crisis asks the very important question of what to do when your very role in society is the one that alienates you?

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    This collection of essays was given to me as a gift by a friend who was later accused of being a bad boyfriend because 'I mean, c'mon, he gives out books called How To Be Alone for birthday presents. This classic from Fanon of Martinique sets out his philosophy of anti-colonialism and has been read by everyone from the Black Panthers to the Irish Republican Army.

    I love Ted Kooser's writing. Whether it's poetry or prose, he's a master of perfect clarity and direct feeling. He's also a Midwesterner who hymns the beauty of our special part of the country. Lights is a brief 60 pages , lovely memoir about his mother's side of the family. The young art rocker's poems were finally published in a cohesive collection in Fantastic read; I finished it in about two weeks, which is really fast for me.

    Foulds takes the true story of the great poet John Clare's incarceration in a mental hospital, in midth century England, and weaves a fictional tale around it. Foulds is a poet as well as a fiction writer, and the twin talent shows clearly in his beautifully rendered prose style. A talented young writer to keep your eye on. Among both writers and students of the natural world, Annie Dillard is well loved and famous. She should be.

    There's a blurb on the back cover of this edition from Edward Abbey, no slouch at writing and naturalism himself.

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    • The Most Modern Poet.
    • Once Upon a Car: The Fall and Resurrection of Americas Big Three Auto Makers--GM, Ford, and Chrysler?
    • In it, he compares Dillard to Thoreau and Emily Dickinson. So, you can see what kind of spiritual company she keeps. Iwago is a Japanese photographer I'd never heard of prior to this book, which is new in hardcover. Now I will definitely keep an eye open for whatever he publishes next. Curious Cats is an absolute must-see for anyone who loves cats -- or animals of any kind.

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      Or just stunning photography in general. Treat yourself or a friend to this book: it'll increase your happiness quotient. Such a sympathetic and kind portrayal of a polygamist family. Turns out, they're just like regular families, only there are four times as many of them.

      This one knocked me sideways, in a way most contemporary U. Wrigley's a fantastic poet and this is his new collection.

      Penguins poem

      This is the real stuff, folks. No silly, sterile language games here -- just the spirit and the flesh of genuine art that will outlast its immediate times. I hope this man keeps writing for a long time to come. If it's anything to do with great poetry, you want Harold Bloom selecting it and writing about it, as he does here. Because Harold knows what's up. He's the dream classroom teacher any schmoe would love to have, for those of us who'll never come within a hundred miles of Harvard.

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      Do you associate Nick Hornby with incredibly astute book reviewing? No, of course you don't. You think Nick Hornby, you think tales of guys and music, guys and sports, guys and botched love.