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Ion chromatographs are able detect and measure concentrations of major anions, such as fluoride, bromide, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and sulfate, as well as major cations such as lithium, sodium, ammonium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in the parts-per-billion ppb range.

Concentrations of organic acids and amines can also be measured through ion chromatography. Ion chromatography, a form of liquid chromatography, measures concentrations of ionic species by separating them based on their interaction with a chromatographic column stationary phase.

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Ionic species separate differently depending on species type and size. Sample solutions pass through a pressurized chromatographic column where ions are retained by column constituents due to ionic interactions. Ions of interest can be identified based on their retention time and quantitated based on the detectors response to those ions. Impact Analytical currently has a Dionex ICS ion chromatograph, equipped with an electrolytic suppressor and conductivity detector for the reduction of eluent background noise and increased sensitivity for analytes of interest.

Our system provides fast and reliable analyses of common inorganic anions and cations in complex sample matrice.

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Compact and modular, the Compact IC Flex is the instrument of choice for users with clearly defined analytical requirements. The Eco IC is a small entry-level ion chromatography system for water analysis and for use in training and education. Metrohm offers a comprehensive portfolio of analytical columns for the analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances. Solutions for automated IC analysis help you save time and improve your results.

Extensive functionality, intuitive operation, and straightforward data management: let the Metrohm software work its magic. They help me to make my everyday work easy. Everyone can operate this system. We use cookies Our website uses cookies to offer you the best possible browsing experience. Privacy Policy. Metrohm International Headquarters.

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Karl Fischer titration Looking for a KF titrator? Ion chromatography Looking for an IC system? Looking for a titrator? Are you looking for the right titrator for your requirements? Find the right titrator here.

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OMNIS New titration system for the modern laboratory: faster analysis, safer chemical handling, compliant software, more automation. Titrando High-end potentiometric titrator that meets any requirements: flexible, compliant, customizable, and automatable Get to know Titrando Product versions Automation for Titrando tiamo software Sample preparation Electrodes. Eco Titrator New basic titrator for all standard potentiometric titration applications Get to know the Eco Titrator Product versions Installation, calibration, and titration.

Titrino plus Entry-level, versatile potentiometric titrator for basic applications Get to know Titrino plus Product versions Automation Electrodes. Titrotherm Thermometric titrator for fast determinations if potentiometric titration cannot be applied Get to know Titrotherm Product versions Automation for Titrotherm tiamo software. Looking for a KF titrator? Are you looking for the right KF titrator for your requirements?

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Find the right KF titrator here. KF Titrando High-end titrators for determining any water content from 0. KF Titrino plus Entry-level titrator for coulometric water content: 0. Coulometers Our range of coulometers for the determination of low water contents 0. Go to the coulometers.

Gas Analyzer All-inclusive system for water determination in liquefied and permanent gases Get to know the Gas Analyzer Product versions. Looking for an IC system?


Find the right IC system for your requirements here. Ions will move through the columns of the ion chromatographer at different speeds depending on their affinity for the specific resin, and they will separate from each other based upon differences in ion charge and size. As the eluent passes through the column , ions with a weaker affinity for the resin will move through the column faster and be eluted first, while ions with a stronger affinity for the column will move through the column more slowly.

Upon exiting the column, the ions are measured by an electrical conductivity detector. This detector produces a chromatogram which plots conductivity vs. Each ion produces a peak on this graph, the height of which is dependent on the relative ion concentration in the injected solution. These measurements can then be used to determine concentrations of analytes in an unknown sample.

To combat possible interference caused by the ions in the mobile phase, a suppressor may be used to remove the unwanted electrolyte prior to the conductivity measurement. As the solution passes through the suppressor, ions in the eluent are replaced with a nonionic species.