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The book and series end more or less in the same place, with a startling difference in concluding events, which makes me wonder what storyline a second season would follow. McGreevy announced at 92YTribeca in that he was working on a second and third book, so maybe my questions will be answered soon than I think.

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Meghan Harker grew up in a small, awkwardly-named town in Georgia. She attended Brenau University, where she earned her BA in English and a minor in Graphic Design; she also attended the University of Cambridge, England, where she didn't quite master the perfect Oxbridge accent. She's an avid reader, writer, and fire spinner. She's currently working her first novel, a paranormal thriller. Visit her blog at ExquisitelyOdd. Read all posts by Meghan Harker for Criminal Element. But here is the thing, the novel has way more personality than the show.

Hemlock Grove (The Novel)

The tone of the novel feels a lot like the reader is having a casual conversation about the supernatural and scientific events in the town of Hemlock Grove, while the show feels like it is trying desperately to shock the viewer. It makes the series a bit of a let-down. But it does serve to point out all the good things of the novel.

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Some naked. Because they are safe. It was disappointing.

Interview: The cast of Hemlock Grove Pt. 1

But beyond that, much of the acting is pretty bad. Lines that have great personality in the novel are delivered in flat monotone. All that emotion from the novel is missing. All the character.

The Girl Who Loves Horror: Book Review: "Hemlock Grove" by Brian McGreevy

That transformation is awesome. In a way, the whole show was worth it for that one scene.

The novel fares much better than the show. After pulling out of Pennsylvania, the film crew resumed production in Toronto on July Filming took place in Port Perry, Ontario, where the crew transformed the small town into what looked like a typical American town. Durnham Region reported that the crew replaced most of the signs and decor so the town would resemble Pennsylvania.

By Mufsin Mahbub. Updated Apr 17, at pm. The Series is Labeled as a Horror Thriller Hemlock Grove spans three genres: horror, supernatural drama, and thriller. Famke Janssen Plays One of the Leads Dutch actress and model Famke Janssen will star as one of the lead characters in the Netflix series, playing the mother of one of the male leads, played by Bill Skarsgard.