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Play the classic game of strategy.

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You can challenge the computer, a friend, or join a match against another online player. Ever played the classic game Snake? Slither around and eat the apples to grow your snake as long as possible. But don't hit the wall, or eat your own tail!

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Activate the power bounce! Swing your way through each challenging course without hitting anything.

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    Hop in your helicopter and join this strategic multiplayer game. Specialize your copter, build a base, and conquer the map!

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    • Hey you, stop! And you, drive!

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      The government intends to roll out 45 Mobile Phone Detection Cameras across the state by December, he said. In fact, each unit contains two cameras. The units use artificial intelligence to exclude drivers who are not touching their phones.

      Some cameras will be permanently fixed on roadsides and others will be placed on trailers and moved around the state. A six-month trial of two fixed cameras this year checked 8. Another driver had a passenger steer while they both held phones, the government said. The government wants to expand the program to million checks a year by New South Wales has 5.

      While the association supported tougher action against drivers distracted by phones, it wanted signs warning motorists that phone detection cameras were operating in an area, as happens with speed cameras in the state.